Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mako Reaktor

I have a new mix out, exclusively done for Materia sounds. It goes generally in a similar style as my mix on VKRS - but with all different tracks. The title of Mako reaktor is a homage to the classic video-game Final Fantasy 7.

Seeing as my mix is their 12th pod-cast, there has been a lot of fascinating music featured previously. I especially recommend everyone to listen to You are Buddha, by Martin Nonstatic, featuring a lot of his own material flowing freely and seemingly effortlessly. Naono's Oceanic wonder is also a quality listen, inspired by everyday sounds and surroundings from which I presume is his city of residence - Athens, Greece.

There are of course more to be found, so heading over to Materia Sounds is not a bad idea.

Suecae - Mako reaktor:

Postscript: Mako (魔) means "magic light", it is a liquid form of lifestream of the earth of Final Fantasy, and is the primary energy source used throughout the world of the game. This energy is harvested by man to generate electricity, and a latent idea found in the game is that it's continued extraction would mean the death of the planet. Read more about this on Wikia.

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