Saturday, August 02, 2014

Do, Re, Mi

Jeanette Sorgaard is an independent filmmaker, living and working in Denmark. Earlier this year, to commemorate her 30'th bithday, she published an interpretation of Nils Frahm's song Mi, from his Screws EP.

This video made me think of H.C Anderssen's folksy fairy-tale The ugly duckling, in its original language called "Den grimme ælling". Both are short, beautiful journey's deeply ladden with symbolism.

Crane on the Run #1 Mi - Music Video from Jeanette Nørgaard on Vimeo.

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Photo from the Theatre Stage

A photo I recently shot, that I am particulary pleased with, despicting that of the artist Johanna Lillvik, reaching for the audience with her voice and keyboard, at the Putte i parken festival - theatre stage.

I used Pentax K5D with DA 70 Ltd lens at f/3,2, ISO 1600 - and retouched the colors using Adobe Lightroom.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Strange Sight in Copenhagen

It was a strange sight, in Copenhagen last summer. These two men, sitting still, one hoovering over the other. Attracting looks from passers-by.

They also were my own subject of attention, and for a short time I thought to myself that they had to use some kind of trick.This lady with a baby boy on her shoulders went by.

I quickly grabbed my Pentax Q and went for the shot.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Silence and the Art of Bedroom Production

I mostly do my writing in Swedish, in places probably not frequented to often by English-speaking readers of this blog. I do this both professionally, and sometimes, well, for other reasons then putting food on the table. This blog is sometimes a rather quiet place, due to my other engagements.  

Other then blogging here, in English speaking fora I tend to write about music technology and its discontent. And perhaps not so unfitting, one of my recent contribution is about silence.

For SoundBytes Magazine, I contributed the article "What happens after the dot"? It's a short essay, an attempt at a philosophical understanding on silence in music.

"Silence is what happens before and after the dot. The full stop. On a smaller level, it is what happens between each word. Also the stillness which the words themselves may convey."

For Bedroom Producers blog I contributed a review of Twisted Tools Reaktor instrument S-Layer. It's an original sampler, as I wrote in my review:  

"I can see this working equally well as a percussive instrument – or as a sound design tool. The samples provided are fascinating and versatile, but you may of course also use it on your own libraries." 

I am of course welcoming any thoughts you might have on my essay on silence, or on the subject itself.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Another Red Planet

My remix of Narcotic 303's track Red planet made it to a free EP, released by net-label Deep in Dub. I like the company of the other remixers, and my track is number nine, it was intented to be a very ambient interpretation of the original creation.

Please enjoy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking Back (While going Forward)

I recently decided to do a re-release of my EP Looking back while stepping Up, originally released for free as mid-quality mp3's through the netlabel Mephtik, back in 2008. This blog existed back then too, and I recall promoting the release via this venue, among other places.

Originally this EP were released for free under a Creative Commons license, I decided last month that I thought they could be online under my self-managed Bandcamp site. This time in full quality, as intended. After looking through my archives, I managed to find the music, together with unreleased outtakes.

These were the liner notes, written for the original release, by game music enthusiast Jayson Napolitano:

"We have a special treat for listeners with this release. We're proud to present Suecae Sounds out of Sweden with this beautiful 3-track EP.

The opening track, "Jag Som Ingenting" is a mystifying vocal track with pumping electronic beats, gorgeous belltone arpeggios, and undeniably addictive vocals. It is truly a pleasure to listen to.

"Inside These Walls," on the other hand, has some of the trappings of traditional techno, providing a melancoly atmosphere. The chorus section really stands out with heavy percussion and bass notes. "Watching While the World Goes By" rounds the EP off with a busy ambiance created by constantly progressing percussion and a contemplative synth line.

We hope you enjoy listening to this EP as much as we have. We look forward to hearing what comes out of Suecae Sounds in the future."

Buy from Bandcamp