Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Play on the Idea of Ambient

Roel Funcken - Isotope Cobalt (Part 4)

A mix released by the ever so lovely leftfield independent resource on electronic, experimental and instrumental music, Headphone Commute.

Friday, July 08, 2016

All wärld besinna

"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between."
- W.A Mozart

From James Blake, to Peter Broderick and ambient-artists such as Antonymes och Blamstrain, my latest mix is a short story about music, which takes off where I left in previous mixes such as Midvintersol and Kom nu, Vind! (both released in 2015).

My aim was to create a thoughtful collage, honest and simple. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Statuette from Uruk

Uruk joined a number of other important cities in the dawn of human civilisation, situated by the river of Eufrat in what today is known as Iraq. It gave its name to an epoch.

This statuette is a remarcable example of the art which is perserved in Musée du Louvre, most likely dating circa 3300 year B.C, from the late Uruk period.

I believe we can shift our outlook on these figures, from being immobile and mute objects, perhaps forgotten, and instead in them see the potential of art, through which we may stumble into an appreciation of time which is neither automatic, 'dead', nor exclusively seen as a series of now-points (Aristotole).

What do you experience, 'think', looking at this figurine? Can you peel away at the intricate layers of boredom, familiarity, and look at her from a perspective of awe?

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Chopin Project

Alice Sara Ott and Olafur Arnalds has created an original interpretation of the polish romantic Composer Frédéric François Chopin, who seem to have a pull on every sucessive generation since his own.

There was even a rather succesful video game released a few years ago centered around Chopins music; Eternal Sonata.

I am writing a review of The Chopin Project in swedish for Tidningen Kulturen, but any who stumble across this blog would be advised to look it up, either on ITunes, Amazon or Spotify.

The music is vibrant and a lovely homage to Chopins world, and is not a strict performance of the compositions, but rather a dialouge between Arnalds, Ott and Chopin.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kom nu, vind!


Come now, wind! is a poetry inspired mix of some of my favorite music, a follow up to bordering between neo-classical, ambient, hints of jazz and sound experiments, all while focusing on labels such as Serein and Erased tapes. 

The title is a reference to words by german poet Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin, associated with the artistic movement of romanticism. In a book by Aris Fioretos, Kom nu, eld! he translates and interprets Hölderlin in swedish. 

This is a dialouge between the world and music, which is related to poetry and all reference the nine daughters born of Mnemosyne and Zeus, the Μουσα, godesses of dance, music and a source of insperation to poets. 

1.Something has changed by Peter Broderick 
2.Such owls as you by Brambles 
3.Absolutely heavenly by Diazo and Retoriation 
4.The sea & electricity by Imprints 
5.Slate by Wil Bolton 
6.In the androgynous dark by Brambles 
7.Wolf v359 by the The colossal Ithaca trio 
8.Four hands by Nils Frahm 
9.Proun by Strië

Friday, April 03, 2015

Carpe Naturam

Carpe naturam, photo taken with my Samsung NX300 with 30mm glass - completed using Lightroom.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Composition, lines and the virgin Mary

I created this image, in which we see Jesus and the virgin Mary, an image resting inside an ornamental brooch. It was made to illustrate the point of framing, of diagonal and dynamic lines in photography, of circles and rectaungular shapes within the framing of the image itself.

According to the English writer G.K Chesterton, "The essence of every picture is the frame". The frame here has is a proportion of 16*9, instead of the usual proportions that are often associated with modern 35mm photography, both film and digital.

The diagonal rectangular shape creates dynamics and intererest, tension which is added to by the ´"new moon"-shape of the shadow created by the tilting light source. The outer part of the ornament creates a cicle within the rectangular shape, and yet another circle, the inner border between the metalwork and the glass protected image of Jesus.

The image is a unification between dynamic movement of the rectangle wihtin the frame, the added movement of the new moon and the "circle within circle", which pulls the viewer in, into a classic despiction of grace.

In this image we may yet consider the circular shape of the halo, which draws out attention to the face of Mary!