Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slownoise – Dark Matter EP

This is a review of the excellent artist Slownoise EP Dark Matter, that I crosspost from VKRS. It is a  more lenghty review then what I usually do in english. It has also been quoted on Cold tear records website.

"Cold Tear Records are a rising star on the net-label scene. They are also the outlet for dub-techno artist Jeremy Davies, a.ka Slownoise’s latest release – Dark matter EP. It’s a gem, a testimony of what can be done with dub-techno and is anything but standard.

In the short description found on the label’s site, we learn that Davies were influenced by astronomy writing this EP. I imagine looking at the vast expanses of the sky makes for great inspiration, perhaps also something for the listener to think of while enjoying this offering. Looking strictly at the end result I feel that there is a form of understated intensity in which he drives the slew of tracks forward into something which feels both vintage and fresh at the same time.

The strictness of techno is definetly there, especially in the rhythms, while the relaxing forms of dub makes this into a journey putting my mind at ease. This combination is hardly new, but the level of craftsmanship Slownoise shows is rare. It is also quite gritty and comes with an unpolished feel, that should appeal to those who preferr to steer away from a crystal clear sound that sometimes end up sounding stale and lifeless.

My favorite on Dark matter is the track The great attractor, which pays homage to early electronic dub while having a playful feel, blending percussive elements with deep bass while saturated delays tear the monotonous melodic stabs into something quite unlike itself. Also Dark Flo is worthy of mention, as it blurs the edges between dubby techno and 2-step, employing a rhythm which is less strict – but thankfully with none of the fanatical “massive drop”-hysteria heard in the contemporary dubstep scene.

The remix-team does a good job as well. Here we have Brickman, Giriu Dvasios, Soap and Moonwalker all chiming in with one remix each. 

All in all this is a solid release, with eight tracks to lighten the night sky – and nicely enough it can be downloaded freely from or Bandcamp.For those who think this kindness should be rewarded, Cold tear records also has the EP out in CD-format for purchase online."

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