Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Greens and the Röyksopp

This last week has been intensive. I've had important meetings about my working situation and my engagement with the local section of the green party has deepened.

It is clear that I will have an opportunity to work in those areas that I have visions for. The future of my engagement is not yet written, but as it is now I will contribute to the leading document for what the party wants to in the field of culture in Karlstad.

Most of my readers may know that I am very interested in culture, and believe in the art to enrichen society in a way that can contribute tremendous amount of meaning for people and break down walls and barriers of race, age and gender. Especially when it is open and contributory in nature, such as in Creative Commons. I also think art has a special meaning and purpose for individuals and groups which live under social stigma.

This document in question will provide the foundation of the party's work in the municipal government after next years election; for the continuing four years. I have also been invited to work on documents in regional health care and see the the greens work in the city's social committee.

I am actually kind of surprised as to how my person has been received. To be able to contribute on such important fields this early, well, is something I did not quite expect to happen. I am also actually going to be a candidate for the green list for Karlstads municipal council. The order of the people who will run for office is not done right now, and where that will lead me is not quite clear.

I must admit that I am more then a bit nervous. Big things are being set in motion right now. With all this in mind I really needed a break this weekend. So I eloped to Stockholm to see Norwegian electronica-duo Röyksopp live, featuring Robyn and Anneli Drecker on vocals. They were amazing. The show was amazing. I danced and I danced, more then I have done for several years. I danced until I was nothing but rhythm and thought vanished.

So what better way then ending this post with one of Röyksopp's amazing songs: Only this moment.

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julochka said...

the green party involvement sounds really exciting! and like you're taking very big steps! it's so refreshing to read about someone who is taking steps to change right when i'm struggling with that myself.

and i love röyksöpp, tho' i've not seen them live. i listen to them all the time.