Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Surreal Beauty

Portrait of Judy Garland

I recently stumbled across the art haven fthr productions, while enjoying the swedish artist Mosaik's newest EP out on Softphase netlabel. I liked the Mosaik release so much that I wrote a review of it for the netmagazine Original Sound Versions, which I hope will surface in due time on their website.

Behind Fthr productions is graphic artist Antti Jädertpolm, who creates a kind of modern surrealist art with some extremely interesting use of collage techniques. I wrote him to ask if I could put a couple of his stunning images on my blog, to my happiness he thought that this was fine.

Saturday night Hammock Collage

Like you can see in Portrait of Judy Garland and Saturday night Hammock Collage, there is a whole lot of attention to details. The common theme found in his images seems to my mind to be the amount of layers that can be found in almost every image and a very quirky kind of beauty.


There are both lighter and darker motives and a whole lot in between. What many of them share though is the overwhelming imagery . You can browse Antti's quite massive collective of fine art here. I warmly recommend you to view them in full size. It does all the difference.


Susanne Iles said...

Your blog inspires me on so many levels. It is one of the few I turn to time and again to look at photographs, listen to music,and learn about the beauty that weaves through people's hearts. thank you thank you thank you

Sarah said...

Oh wow!! What amazing artwork..I just adore the second one!! Thank for sharing hon!!
Sorry to hear you are feeling punk too! Take care and drink lots of fluids..sorry the Mom in me took over..LOL!! Sending healing your way..hugs, Sarah

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Incredible artwork! VEry hard to tell from the ones you have posted which one I like the best..but I would have to say spring..the last one. I wish I could be a mouse in the corner and watch the creation come to life while he does the collage itself.

The Redhead Riter said...

Guess who?

I have a little surprise for you on my blog and a GREAT BIG BUNCH OF BLOGGING BUDDY ♥

Soror FSO said...

I love your blog...keep up the good work!


i especially loved the hammock one. i don't know something in it draws me to it.

thanks for sharing

Felicia M. Pitre said...

Thanks for sharing! Great eye for great art!