Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gardening for the formerly Homeless

Tomorrow I will work a couple of hours in a city run home for people who have lived lives in homelessness. It is one of several homes run by the city in which I live, and I cannot stress enough that I think that they are doing a very important job. Before I had only read about these projects. Now I have seen a little with my own eyes of the conditions they are living under, and worked on gardening the surrounding area.

The work I do is not spectacular. It consists of trimming overgrown bushes, taking care of the fallen leaves, getting rid of the immense amount of weed that has grown there, etcetera. Later we may go further into replacing or repairing a small wooden fence that has since long seen its best days. And I must admit that the work I do there every Friday fills me with a sense of satisfaction.

Summery Son, captured 2009.

The feeling of doing something good for people whose lives have been filled with hardships is very rewarding in itself. It is no understatement that I am thankful for being able to do this work. A gospel kind of thankful. Having gotten the chance to eat dinner and talk a little with a few of them also gives interesting perspectives on things.

I also have a few more or less visionary ideas involving art and this group of people. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a direction towards establishing more artistic projects with music, photography, painting and whatever sparks their interest and curiosity available for people who have lived or live under these conditions? It could be a way of regaining hope in yourself and realizing your own potential which may have been forgotten. Time will tell if or when I will put forward these ideas and what kind of response it will gather. I have a voice in the local section of the green party now after all, as I have written about before.

On a personal level I am also happy to tell that I am going to have a few of my photographs on exhibition in a café hopefully not long from now. I have refurbished a couple of frames I got from second hand to go with them. I also got it clear today that I will have the opportunity to exhibit my photography in another café run by a city supported non-profit organization next late year. Something I wouldn't have believed of myself doing not long ago. But I am determined to continue my life towards a positive path.


Sarah said...

Whoo hoo hon!! Not only am I thrilled that you are doing all of these wonderful things..I am wickedly proud of you..can I say that?? I understand how life gets rough sometimes and what you are doing for them is also doing for you!!
Huge congrats on hanging your work in a few places - doing happy dance for you!! Whoo hoo!!
Wow Robert!!! Hugs, Sarah

Catching The Waves said...

Helping yourself by helping others? That sounds good to me. Well done for being so selfless, and congratulations on the photography exhibition. :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a great outlook and open soul you have! To matter how great or always something that broadens our horizons not to mention the good feeling one gets. Proud of you for getting the photography exhibitions!! One good turn deserves another..perhaps it's the karma!

julochka said...

yay for the photography exhibit! you make me want to go ask my favorite local cafe if she'd hang some of my photos!! what a fantastic idea! i can sense you unfolding in these posts (that's the good thing about reading a bunch at once, as a catch-up). :-)

Suecae Sounds said...

Thank you all.


I am happy if I can inspire you to use your photography. We gotta let our creative sides show. :)