Thursday, February 22, 2007

Working things out

On the soul tip
Photography: Robert Halvarsson

For those who are in the wait... I am not in the condition to promise anything at the moment, but my intention is for there to be music publiched here for your ears only, soonish.

Remember this in the meantime:
Suecae Sounds - Wathing while the world goes by

Suecae Sounds - Spread those wings
Suecae Sounds - Jag som ingenting


AppO said...

I liked a lot a track called "dontjuststandthereshortedit" found in a Modplug forum. The artist's name was Maleek. Are you Maleek ? Do still use Modplug Tracker ? I appreciate very much suecae_sounds too.


suecae_disco said...

Yeah, I'm Maleek on the Modplug forum. I guess I confuse people. :) That you like it makes me really happy to hear. Over the years I've released music with different names and finally I've settled for Suecae Sounds.

And I still use Modplug tracker. It's got everything I need...

Btw, I listen to Speed 122 Hop now. Interesting stuff! Sounds a little like things I did a couple of years ago.

Danni NæiL said...


Now I've bought that bloody longed for bass guitar! Wupiiee!
And i listened again to your tracks. The beginning and ending on Jag som ingenting are really terrific, that mysterious subtle bass and rhythm!