Monday, February 19, 2007

When it hurts so bad...

How much can it hurt when you are left standing all alone? I did not know that it could hurt this much. I feel disoriented and in a state of chock, not angry, just sad. And very confused to top it of. I so wish that everything will turn out for the better. No matter how it turns out. And my heart wants her back. For a sharing, caring and simple love.

To comfort myself I bought a dirt-cheap maxi single with Donna Summer today. Starring the famous track Love to love you baby on 12-inch vinyl. What I did not know was that she on this extended mix does the porn thing with the "oohs" and "aahs" over disco-legend Giorgio Moroders production. It's nothing new under the sun in other words, artists yesterday as well as today have to sell on sex for commercial reasons. No matter if it is 1975 or 2007.

But Summer does manage to capture the feeling of hurt when your love is gone. Beyond her image, there is substance and poetry. In the track Full of emptiness she puts out the feelings beautifully.

"Full of emptiness
broken promises
and love turned out so sad

the hurt goes on and on

Full of emptiness

hello loneliness

good friends will mind
the sands of time
have slipped through my hands

From the bottom to the top

why he had me feeling fine
then I took a long long drop
when he walked out of my life"
Full of emptiness - Donna Summer

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