Sunday, February 25, 2007

Miles sense of Simplicity

Robert Miles - Dreamland.

One thing that springs to mind when I listen to Miles album Dreamland is simplicity. Simplicity and beauty. For those who haven't given Miles a listen, this could be described as soft, classic melodic trance. Or dream-house at it was called in the mid 90's. For the reason of the simplicity of his music, he was both loved and frowned upon.

Instead of relying totally on synthesisers, Dreamland is very focused on the Piano to give the music it's melodic push forward. Comparing Dreamland to today's artists in the field of trance is also not quite fair. His sound has aged. 1996 is not 2007, not in terms of the constant changing characteristics of electronic music at least. The mixing of today's trance-artists such as Armin Van Buren and Paul Van Dyk is ages ahead in terms of the dynamics of sound. But Miles has something timeless to offer in terms of music, mainly in his lovely melodies.

Dreamland was the album to feature the vocal-driven track One and One. Originally indented for Polish female artist Edyta Górniak, and also released on her album Edyta. Dreamland was also the album of lovely tracks such as Children and Fable. If you have not already given Miles a listen, you should. Dreamland is a piece of musical history. Interesting to note is that today, Robert Miles makes music that is anything but generic. Alternative rock as well as nu-jazz and electronica is in his field of interest now.

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