Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reasons for Ecstasy

The Troupe EP over at Monotonic net-label.

I do not find the proper words for these magnificent tracks. This is so damn good that I you really would do yourself good in getting the stuff right now.

New stuff at my musical horizon:
- Remixed and changed a couple of small things on Watching while the world goes by. Probably not even noticable for the casual listener.
- The unreleased track Inside these walls will have a altered and more abrupt ending.
- Laying down the tracks for a probable EP / Demo
These are the tracks that I think cut it. (linked are the older versions of the tracks)
1. Nu Disco
2. Spread Those Wings
3. Inside These Walls
4. This Is What The Fight Is About
5. Watching While The World Goes By

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