Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Snow Abides

We have had so much snow lately. And with days such as these: when the sun paints everything in colors upon a brilliant and yet cloud free sky, I see little reasons to complain. Yet, many are longing for spring to make haste and travel to this part of Scandinavia.

I am starting to feel this longing too. I cannot say that it has yet resulted in what the author of the blog The Word Cellar describes: namely the want for clementines and exotic fruit. But this is perhaps not far off. Even in my winter loving world, I am starting to long for the next phase of the cyclic seasonal evolution.

Moving light, captured 2010 in Gaperud.

While I am writing this I am happy to announce that I am working now. Full time. I landed the job as a writer about things concerning social psychiatry and have just written a contract that lasts six months from now to august. Although I am hoping to be able to work an extended period of time, I try to remain in the 'here and now', which is always easier said then done.


Anonymous said...

Suecae that photo is amazing. It looks like a face, the light center.
Really incredible!

Felicia Monique said...

Yes, the photo is amazing, and congratulations on your new writing job. That is super exciting news!

Tammie Lee said...

congratulations on your job. If you love it, may it last. If it is not perfect, may it lead to that which is. Equinox blessings to you.