Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music for Sale

Unusually being me, I now have two songs for sale at an online market-place. These two songs were written lately after I reinvented my studio. Their style is inspired by deeper forms of rhythmic electronic music.

Listen to the tracks here: Suecae - Two Tracks by Suecae Sounds

If you like what you hear this is where you can buy the music in question.

After a purchase is made, the system caches out with PayPal. The songs cost 0.75 $ each, which is purposely a modest sum, so that you as a listener will be able to listen to the hi-fi version of my music without having to pay a fortune. From there on it is a matter of fair use. Giving a copy to your brother or mother is fine. Spreading it on p2p is not so fine. But enough about that stuff.

For the tech geeks I should mention that the songs when bought are encoded in 320 kbps mp3-format. It should suffice for playing it in front of a live audience, or just for your mp3-player or headphones of choice. It is the best form of audio quality in terms of mp3 as far as I know of.


Tammie Lee said...

thank you for the music, it filled my cabin while I worked. Lovely. Wishing you success with your music.

Ugo Capeto said...

Cool blog! Nice to see all kinds of artistic creative stuff in one place.