Saturday, July 04, 2009

Some Valuable Recognition

The life of a Horse - 4 July 2009

Hello fellow traveler. I hope summer is treating you well, it certainly has been very warm lately this part of Sweden. I must have taken more baths outdoors the last two weeks then I took during 2008 in its entirely. I have some happy things to share with you this fourth of July. Things that I look forward to and a couple of very positive personal achievements.

In august one of my photographs are going to be used as a record cover by the excellent free net-label Kahvi Collective. I have written about their releases both on this blog, and on Original Sound Version. I have been listening to their artists since the very beginning and safe to say I am quite honored. I definitely look forward seeing my work together with music on a label that has affected me personally to a great extent.

Another thing I've been meaning to write for quite a while is to tell you that I have been accepted with a song of mine into a compilation that is going to be released for free later this year. Since the track list isn't official yet and I submitted it as a part of a contest I don't think I should write more just now...

Musically I will soon hopefully be able to delve into a new inspirational fields. I have recently bought a used Sony Minidisc and have ordered a small stereo microphone of good quality to connect to it. While I was pondering the alternatives I was looking for much more expensive options like the Zoom H4, but settled for what in the rapidly accelerating field of technology is an almost dead format. But that matters little to me, I am happy just as long as I can work with it as I intend.

What will I be able to do with my new Minidisc then? I will basically be able to record and collect my own sounds anywhere and then use it in musical projects. Imagine the possibilities. Nature is its own symphony which easily lends itself to musical ambition.

It will be very interesting to see where this will this lead me. I hope to find this out in a not to distant future.


Sarah said...

Oh how exciting is that!!!!!!! Whoo hoo! Congratulations!! I looove that horse shot too!!
Is there somewhere to her your music? How wonderful!! I sing harmony whenever I get the chance!!
Hope all is well with you hon, Sarah

Sarah said...

Hello...oh please feel free to jump in hon..I would love to send you another piece if you won.!!! Hugs, Sarah

Soror FSO said...


I love your blog, and the pics. You mentioned that you may have some for purchase? Can I get some info on that?

Soror FSO

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry hon...yes I got your wonderful email - it made my day!! I was sooooo sick last week.. I haven't gotten caught up with my returns yet!! Thank you!! Hugs,Sarah

sallymandy said...

Congratulations on both these achievements! They're both to be proud of. I'm glad you posted about them for your readers.