Monday, April 20, 2009

A different kind of musical journey

I have been out of touch with the older music labels in net-label scene as of late. As this way of distributing music literally has exploded in the last couple of years, it has grown harder and harder to keep track of. I have a few reliable sources which helps me to keep track on new releases, but some of the old labels should not be forgotten. One of these labels is Kahvi Collective.

The artist Ambientium released a truly epic album for free at the collective February this year. Its name is Fractal Philosophy and I hope that it will move beyond being only listened to by those who already know about the net label scene.

What you get when you download the album is ten tracks of ambient and electronic music with a clear spiritual touch which tells the unusual vivid imaginative progression of the universe. From the beginning to the now. It takes off with the track Hadron Era trough the subsequently nine breathing stations with the final destination of Home.

In the beginning it is composed of loose and slightly bent out of shape ambient. As it continues it moves to the terrain on to more accessible electronica, only to later go back to realm of ambient again. As a listener you sense an underlying story in the journey. What that story is? That is up for you to find out and quite possibly create. As this album is less about songs and more about setting a mood it is best enjoyed in its totality. As a personal suggestion I can recommend it in unison with any kind of contemplative practice. Like mediation, prayer or just relaxation.

Bottom line is: Fractal Philosophy has personality. It is distinctly different and carefully blends the dreamy with the focused. It gently drifts along its soundscape and begs to be listened to with headphones to make you appreciate the subtleties and stereo panorama.

It is no wonder that it is precisely Kahvi Collective who provides us with this treat. They have over 250 releases of albums, singles and ep’s available for free on their website for everyone to enjoy - and quite possible fall in love with. Even though it is free they do however encourage people to donate money to their favorite artists. For the very modest sum of 30 $ they will even send you two DVD’s with all their releases thus far.

Ambientium's website can be found here.


Momo said...

Wow, I'm really looking forward to listen to this album!

(And hey, they have a donation button! :D)

Suecae Sounds said...

I hope you like it as much as I did. :)

Momo said...

Truly epic indeed! It has been running for a few hours now, and just getting better and better. And I haven't even listened to it with headphones yet! Thank you!

I'm trying to download Looking back while stepping up as well, but the download just breaks after a couple of 100kbs.. can I found the record anywhere else?

Keep on shining!

Suecae Sounds said...


Check your e-mail about my EP. :)