Friday, June 13, 2008

On a serious note

On the 18th of June the Swedish Parliament will vote on a referendum posed by the current liberal-conservative government that will open up the possibility of extensive monitoring of cable bound communication crossing the Swedish national border.

Since almost all communication today – not only on the Internet - does not adhere to national borders any more, this will open up to potential monitoring of an extreme amount of communication.

The motives of the law is to gain access to communication that goes into the wide category of posing a "foreign treat". But this law comes with a hefty price tag. Monitoring on this scale might give a sense of security, but it also opens up for systematic abuse.

This abuse might not be a reality when the system potentially is put into place, but when FRA will start monitoring communication on a wide scale, it can easily be made into something not thought out in the beginning. Read more on a google translation of the national campaign site


I took the time to add this in the news section of the Open Publiching part of the Independent Media Center IMC. Slightly rewritten.

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