Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sound the alarm, it's a re-release

Suecae Sounds (this time around)
- Don't just stand there

Raw electro, a short edit with some glitches, but I felt back then that it had the energy. And that is all I wanted. It as all I want when I listen to DJ-mixes from the likes of Miss Kitten. No excuses this time for nothing, this is what I love doing. But for some strange reason, I always belive I need to point out that it is_not_perfect. It is so tempting to hate on yourself.

Dedicated to AppO for being so kind as to taking the time to express that he liked this track. That is much appriciated. And needed. And to Danni aswell, you know that you are the big homie of mashupism. Big up to both of you!

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