Friday, March 23, 2007

Big pile of broken dreams

- You look at these records, and it's like a big pile of broken dreams in a way. Almost none of these artists still have a carrer really. So you have to kind of respect that. If you are an artist or a DJ you are sort of adding to this pile in a way whether you want to admit it or not. Ten years down the line you will be in here, so keep that in mind when you start to think that you are invincible or something like that, Josh "DJ Shadow" Davies in the documentary Scratch (2002). Being surrounded by thousands of of vinyl-records in the basement of his favorite record-shop.

The computer is still sort of broken when it comes to music. But music is all what I am about now. So I've written a review of Shadows latest album The Outsider which will be publiched in some swedish magazine in the near future. Probably the libertarian socialist webmag Yelah. They are one of the few papers where I have a good relationship with the crew. Heh. And basically the regular papers will shun any review which is written about something older then a month.

These are the days I really realise that some people's only wish is to fuck with you. The homo, bi and transgender/sexual digital community Qruiser host quite a few people who's hunt for sex is on a whole different level. Nothing wrong with that I guess, although I would had hoped that people kind of respected that my interest in one night stands is so low that it's not even worth mentioning.

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