Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Statuette from Uruk

Uruk joined a number of other important cities in the dawn of human civilisation, situated by the river of Eufrat in what today is known as Iraq. It gave its name to an epoch.

This statuette is a remarcable example of the art which is perserved in Musée du Louvre, most likely dating circa 3300 year B.C, from the late Uruk period.

I believe we can shift our outlook on these figures, from being immobile and mute objects, perhaps forgotten, and instead in them see the potential of art, through which we may stumble into an appreciation of time which is neither automatic, 'dead', nor exclusively seen as a series of now-points (Aristotole).

What do you experience, 'think', looking at this figurine? Can you peel away at the intricate layers of boredom, familiarity, and look at her from a perspective of awe?

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