Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kom nu, vind!


Come now, wind! is a poetry inspired mix of some of my favorite music, a follow up to bordering between neo-classical, ambient, hints of jazz and sound experiments, all while focusing on labels such as Serein and Erased tapes. 

The title is a reference to words by german poet Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin, associated with the artistic movement of romanticism. In a book by Aris Fioretos, Kom nu, eld! he translates and interprets Hölderlin in swedish. 

This is a dialouge between the world and music, which is related to poetry and all reference the nine daughters born of Mnemosyne and Zeus, the Μουσα, godesses of dance, music and a source of insperation to poets. 

1.Something has changed by Peter Broderick 
2.Such owls as you by Brambles 
3.Absolutely heavenly by Diazo and Retoriation 
4.The sea & electricity by Imprints 
5.Slate by Wil Bolton 
6.In the androgynous dark by Brambles 
7.Wolf v359 by the The colossal Ithaca trio 
8.Four hands by Nils Frahm 
9.Proun by Strië

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