Saturday, December 24, 2011

The best music blogs (you've probably never heard of)

Hidden places music
Rarely updated but illustrates the saying of "quality before quantity". Tends to focus on psychedelic electronic music.

Cheeky name but a music blog that packs some great content. Very diverse in its selection and therefore carries something for everybody. One of the few "pop"-blogs I read.
Great finds in ambient music together with knowledgeable liner notes. Continuously manages to deliver music that I haven't heard of and is a joy to read.

Dub techno blog
Highly specialized but good for keeping up to date with Creative commons releases in the realm of dub techno.


travis said...

thanks for the mention! i'm glad you've been enjoying the blog lately. its always good to know someone is listening/reading!

jagbc said...

I saw your comment at Aurgasm on music blogs - also check Tokyo Jazz Notes, on music from Japan and around (

kyle said...

in good company here, thanks for including us

Paul @ Dub Techno Blog said...

Ditto, thanks for the mention, much love x

Peter said...

thanks for your kind words in mentioning