Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking Back (While going Forward)

I recently decided to do a re-release of my EP Looking back while stepping Up, originally released for free as mid-quality mp3's through the netlabel Mephtik, back in 2008. This blog existed back then too, and I recall promoting the release via this venue, among other places.

Originally this EP were released for free under a Creative Commons license, I decided last month that I thought they could be online under my self-managed Bandcamp site. This time in full quality, as intended. After looking through my archives, I managed to find the music, together with unreleased outtakes.

These were the liner notes, written for the original release, by game music enthusiast Jayson Napolitano:

"We have a special treat for listeners with this release. We're proud to present Suecae Sounds out of Sweden with this beautiful 3-track EP.

The opening track, "Jag Som Ingenting" is a mystifying vocal track with pumping electronic beats, gorgeous belltone arpeggios, and undeniably addictive vocals. It is truly a pleasure to listen to.

"Inside These Walls," on the other hand, has some of the trappings of traditional techno, providing a melancoly atmosphere. The chorus section really stands out with heavy percussion and bass notes. "Watching While the World Goes By" rounds the EP off with a busy ambiance created by constantly progressing percussion and a contemplative synth line.

We hope you enjoy listening to this EP as much as we have. We look forward to hearing what comes out of Suecae Sounds in the future."

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