Friday, December 27, 2013

Broken Hearted Jubilee

I have longed for so long to see this album go public. Now it's here, and I know I will have to listen to and come back to this, many times in the future to come. Originally this was to be titled Catholicon, but due to several reasons, this is now live as Broken Hearted Jubilee.

Diazo writes:
"I share this album as a journal of my life; honest as I can recall and most definitely skewed into my own perspective. I have tried my best to retell melodically the fall of a relationship, the emotions, blame, and sorrow that follow. Perhaps even the glimmer of hope that rest beneath it all."

I know of no artist that is able to do what Diazo does, in what appears as effortless blending of disparate styles. Playful yet sad and emotional. Like a broken clockwork, skewed in precisely the right way.

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