Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Just a Reflector (of Disco)

The innate characteristics of Disco seems to seep into popular culture once more. The newest Daft Punk album was flirting with disco in an abrasive way, much to the homage of Giorgio Moroder. It couldn't be more obvious where their inspiration came from, they collaborated on Giorgio by Moroder, which even features an interview on the track, with the man in question.

If we go back some time, but instead of landing in the 1970's with Moroder, Donna Summer and other disco classics, DFA Records comes to mind, with their brand of punk disco aesthetics, a label formed in the early 2000's. They are perhaps most known for James Murhpy and LCD Soundsystem. (Murphy incidentally wrote a track called Daft punk is playing at my house, everything goes full circle.)

Fast forward to 2013 and following the success of Daft Punk, we see the DFA sound resurfacing in the form of the production of Arcade Fire's forthcoming album. At least judging by the one song chosen to promote it, Reflector. And this track may just be the sharpest take on pop-music I've heard all this year. It is merging new and old into something highly relevant and infective.

So here we are with Canada's own Arcade fire, and their track Reflector taken from their forthcoming album, featuring David Bowie, produced by New York's own James Murphy.

Here it comes:

Read more via Pitchfork and Stereogum.

The album is out October 29 via Merge records

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