Monday, June 10, 2013

These reviews just in (swedish)

Alpha 3 has been available for precisely one month and one day. I've gotten cheers, sales (but not that many) and three swedish reviews (that I know of) - and I am happy to see that they all contain interesting reactions on part of the reviewers.

Firstly, I got a fine review in Tidningen Kulturen. That article can be read here. Also the regional paper Värmlands Folkblad had a short but sweet text likening my work to that of Digital Mysticz, Third Eye Foundation and James Blake. VF thinks my work is: "in the twilight between ambient and bleak dubstep" and TK thinks I reminence the danish avant-pop act Choir of young believers. I feel honored.

Last but not least, my friend Daniel Kristiansson wrote down his impressions on his blog, in a piece I am also happy to link here.

This far I haven't gotten any english speaking reviews, but I've gotten positive reinforcement on behalf of listeners, and a few from my fellow producers. Of course, if you are a reviewer - do not hesitate to contact me. And if you haven't, feel free to listen and perhaps buy yourself a copy of Alpha 3, and tell me regardless what it makes you feel. 

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