Monday, October 15, 2012

Working with If Things Exist

Following up a string of posts on music (and art), I thought I should post something that I personally are involved in, for a change. For some time now, not mentioned on this blog, I've become more and more involved in pop-music act If things exist, see their website here. The music is highly lyrical and at times feature a certain sense of melancholy, one might say: sadness.
Now, my involvment has not been as an instrumentalist or vocalist, but as an external producer. At first I was asked to re-master their song View, and then mixing and re-mastering their older songs Logic, Skyline and Graveyard. All these songs can kindly be listened to both via Spotify, but the listener can also download high quality mp3:s and wave-files of their website. Also cool to note is that they decided to use a Creative commons license when releasing their music.

"Our accomplishments and accidents, that we gaze back at in pride, make up the mighty skyline for the people left behind. To the horizon that we head for, some others turn their backs, stare over their shoulder and sneer, as they walk their own true path."
- A quote from If things exists song Skyline

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