Monday, June 04, 2012

Véjopatis – Taskas (album)

This is another review written for VKRS that I choose to cross-post on this blog. This time of the mythical offering of Taskas. 
Cold tear records continues their strong form with a curious gem of melodic dubtechno by artist Véjopatis. An artist who just released the album Taskas.

Unlike the forms of dub-techno which goes into drone infused ambient territories, like with the excellent artist Mon0, here we get an artist who blend clear melodic structures mingling with some of the typical traits of the genré. What first struck me were the Lithuanian vocals, allegedly this being traditional folk singing which harmonizes perfectly with the musical world of Véjopatis.

I also enjoyed hearing some recurring themes in this work too, like the beginning track Apejo Saulite and its reprise Sauliute. It gives the album a thematic touch, making it more then the sum of its parts. Oft we have a bunch of tracks, hopefully great, but which seems like nothing linking them together. Not so this time.

As far as I have seen this is the début album of Véjopatis, which bodes well for this artist, and for us too, as we can hopefully look forward to more where this came from. While trying to learn more about the artist in question, I found out an interesting detail about the name Véjopatis, as it contains references to European mythology. A search for the name on Google generated a result in the book Indo-european myth and poetry, by author L.M West. In it, it is said that Véjopatis or Véjdievs were the name ascribed by Baltic pagans to their God of the wind.

We know from the world of music that inspiration drawn from myth can act as a powerful indigrient, and to find this in dub-techno is very promising. I can only hope that more artists let their own sonic experimentations mingle with myth and tradition. I enjoy the thought that the modern is combined with voices past sung. Especially when done in a honest and thoughtful way, such as it is with Taskas.

Véjopatis- Taskas

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