Sunday, June 05, 2011

12 O' Clock Dubs Out Now!

Today my new two track digital release saw light on Load and Clear netlabel. An offering which could be described as heavily influenced by trip hop, electro and dub music. It's released under a Creative Commons license, which means that you are permitted to download and spread the music to your hearts content. It's free.

The music was originally written 2008, for another label - but for various reasons, one being the poor health I had the time, I had to shelve the music. Until today that is. So grab something to drink, download the music, and enjoy!

Download the music here, and feel free to visit Load and Clear for other free netaudio. If you enjoy it, you are now able to send me a micropayment via Flattr. Just click on the icon below.

1 comment:

Soror FSO said...

I would call this "ethereal dub" it is reminiscent of some of the goth music I used to listen to as a teenage. You're blog and you're art is like a fine wine Suecae, it just gets better with time. Thank you for continuing to share your growth as an artist with us.

Soror FSO