Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wusik Sound Magazine

I meant to write a note that last month saw the release of the January issue of Wusik sound magazine. Only I didn't. My day to day work has been very time-consuming, to the point that I have forgotten that balance is needed between work and leisure.

Anyway, I am quite happy about the issue that I, and several others have contributed towards. I wrote the editorial, did interviews with Richard Hoffman of Synapse Audio and "Bootsy" of Variety of Sound, and a couple of reviews. Read the issue in its entirely here.

(Here is the editorial I wrote)
Hello and welcome to the first issue of Wusik sound magazine of 2011.
Our somewhat irregularly published magazine is out once more with some worthwhile treats for the entire family. As usual there are lots of reviews of new instruments, sample banks, effects and interviews featured. All in all: a well rounded dish to last well into spring, we believe.

Worthy of note are the interviews featuring Richard Hoffman of Synapse Audio and Bootsy of Variety of Sound. We’ve also reviewed the updated version of Jamstix, Magix new guitar companion Vandal and a super-limiter by Fabfilter. And there is more too, but that is for you to find out by flipping trough this issue.

Wusik Sound Magazine as a project is done by voluntary efforts. The people involved feel passionate and want to celebrate the diversity among both free and commercial musical applications. The spirit of DIY (Do It Yourself) is put to practice among so many people nowadays, from the SynthEdit VST creations of one basement teen to the huge projects of Sonar or Cubase. It's downright inspiring to write about and to communicate with the people behind all of this creativity.

But we realize that the seemingly endless options available nowadays can make it hard for individual users to find what is right for them; and with ad campaigns running for the biggest brands, we would like to believe that we find some of the gems which falls outside the mainstream. There is virtue in thinking outside the box, making choices for your studio which reflect your personality, no matter if you are just starting out or have been doing this for years and years.

And another bit of advice to remember while cruising the magazine - while on the lookout for new gear, plug-ins or samples - remember this: sometimes we can be fooled into believing that we need a better microphone, a better DAW or another guitar to be able to create music. But much more important then gear is the creative discipline which is fueled by the love for what you do. This is true no matter which is the era of the artist. In the art of sculpting and writing music, the relationship between you and your instrument is sometimes more important then the instrument itself!

With this in mind I'll end this with short introductory text with a quote: “If only the best birds sang in the forest, the forest would be a quiet place.” With that in mind, who is up for sampling some bird song, putting it trough a granular filter while running it in reverse?! I know I am.

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