Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movement by Train

My stepfather got himself a model train some time ago. So I went ahead and tried to capture its sense of movement with his DSLR-camera. My life has been moving fast lately, which this train could serve as an illustration of better then any word. As I now work full time and have other engagements, less time has been spent on my blog lately.

I still think of this space every now and then, as I hope it offers something of value to those who visit me. This blog follows a personal evolution of sorts in its openness. A space which is not quite defined but in which I have had the opportunity to make really meaningful connections with some of you.

It has also served as a place in which I have dared to go somewhat deeper, moving beyond the area of safe. I have shared poetry, images and music. All in all with the limited time at my disposal: I hope to continue in the spirit of this openness to write a few things on this blog every now and then.

To show off some of my work and that of other artists I am inspired and moved by.

And beyond.

Thank you for reading.

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