Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aesthetics and Wind Power

Photographer and author
Yvon Borque has taken a couple of stellar photographies of wind mills residing in beautiful Palm Springs, California. I am reminded of an article I read written by Lefteris Pavlides, Ph.D., AIA, a professor of architecture at Roger Williams University, as part of a research when writing an article of my own of the perceived lack of aesthetics of wind power.

Coal and oil is not a pretty concept. Especially if we look at the entire process of mining, drilling, transportation etcetera. Yet there are few proponents who choose to attack wind power who also target fossil fuels on the same aesthetical and moral grounds.

Back to Yvon Borque, I was given the permission to repost some of his images on my blog. I think they deserve a wide audience. I agree with him when he writes that "
In my view, there is a certain beauty to these giant wind mills.".

All images (c) Yvon Borque. Visit his blog here.


baroness radon said...

We have some of these operating on a slope on Maui...I think they are quite pretty...maybe I could incorporate them into a brush painting!

TechnoBabe said...

My hubby and I moved from San Diego CA two years ago so we have seen these windmills up close. The photos in this post are excellent. I have always had a big interest in alternate energy so when these windmills were built I was excited about it. Nice post.

Steve Gravano said...

I agree windmills are an awesome sight,especially the large commercial type. They have a certain grace as they turn majestically against the sky. Good post.

Kajsa said...

översta bilden var läskigt läcker.