Monday, November 23, 2009

With eyes of those Yet to be Born

I spoke at a protest rally this weekend for human rights. A rally which I also helped plan. At the rally I spoke about how society has forgotten solidarity and the growing mistreatment by government bodies of to those dependent on welfare and of those that are asylum-seekers.

After the manifestation we gathered at a café run by a local Christian church. A well known poet in Sweden; Bengt Berg, read some of his work. While he read his poetry, another man translated. The people at the rally and at the café were mostly middle-eastern of origin. I remember the faces of the women there. They were full of life. Proud. Some wore Hijab, some didn't.

Bengt Berg also recited a passage in which the latin-american poet Otto René Castillo encouraged us to "view life with eyes of those who have yet to be born." That this would give us the inspiration to create a better world with care for each other and the nature which sustains us.

Later he gave me that same book.

Today I am thinking about compassion. I am reading a text at the newly founded Charter for Compassion and seeing it as parts of a larger whole. As I do with the the cause of the rally. All initiatives small or large have the potential to point towards values and a world beyond our present. This is some of the beauty there is to it.


julochka said...

really nice thoughts, well-put. we have to begin somewhere, don't we? for me, it sometimes feels like what i do is only a drop in the bucket and doesn't really matter in the scheme of things, but it does.

Suecae Sounds said...

Thanks julochka. Yes, I do believe we have to start somewhere.

And while at it we should try to avoid being put down by the fact that there appears to be a whole lot of things wrong with the world. A whole lot of people doing little things is better then a few people doing a lot of things.

Sarah said...

Aw thanks for the sweet words have been a huge blessing to me this year..I am so very thankful that you won that picture..I am thrilled to know you!! Have a wonderful day hon..blessings, Sarah

roentarre said...

Compassion derives from within each one's soul. The key is to unmask it but rather to learn from it. I aggree a thoughtful post like this one helping to enrich one's well being