Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waves of Wind

It has been quite windy lately. I think I have mentioned on this blog that I like windy days before. It is true, I like them very much. Everything seems so much more alive and less mundane when the wind is moving things around in its unpredictable ways.

There is something powerful when you are experiencing the forces of nature first hand. It takes me out of the kind of everyday thinking where I may be just kind of passing time. It also opens up my imagination to the less then ordinary sides of life and I feel connected to my surrounding in ways which makes me feel alive. Wind makes the surrounding dynamic, moving and alive. Trees bend, leaves and dust scatter around, and if you are outside it is impossible to ignore it.

Taken a sunny day during spring 2009

When I am outdoors these windy days I like to use my camera. It seems as if I am able to go further into the experience when I use photography to help me, as if I allow myself to pause and take the time to actually see that which is around me. If I have had a day which I feel kind of miserable and isolated, this can break that spell and replace that with a sense of connectedness.

At the precise moment when I press my shutter I find myself reflecting a world which is bigger then I might feel spending to much time alone with my own thoughts.


Tammie Lee said...

I enjoyed reading about the gift that photography is for you. I have experienced this as well. Lately I have found myself blending with the natural world and having to remind myself to pick up my camera to share it. A simple shift. You may be one of the rare people that enjoy the wind.

Suecae Sounds said...

Thank you for commenting. Yes, I realise that I may indeed be one of those rare people. I like the wind with one crucial exception, when I ride my bike to somewhere important and the wind is constantly blowing in my face.

Danni said...

My skin disease has made me appreciate the caressing wind, which I normally despised previously. And this picture is fucking amazing. It reminds me of Daft Punk, a lovely lake, skyscrapers and tons of other things as well. Perhaps I should pay you for printing a sweet, big copy which I could hang on the wall, eh?!

julochka said...

i realize i'm behind reading, but i do keep reading your posts in my reader on my phone, where it's not fun to type a proper comment...

i think these are amazing thoughts on the wind and i intend to recall them the next time we have a windy day (which will undoubtedly be soon). i think they'll give me a whole new view on the wind.