Friday, June 12, 2009

I am also known as Skjór

Originally uploaded by Suecae Photography
I found this young magpie outside my apartment on the lawn. It had yet to learn how to fly, and therefore was forced to explore the immensity of the world from the ground, vocally encouraged by its parents.


Sarah said...

Oh hon...beautiful shot!!
I was so excited that you liked my photo!! Wow honored really. I'm so new at all this, but what a joy it is. Thank you!!!!
Hope you are doing well and have a peaceful weekend, Sarah

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shot! And I love your perception of why the little magpie is on the ground!

eddie said...

peace Skjor. Fat photo's too.

eps1 - blktrnks

sallymandy said...

Lovely! Magpies where I live are beautiful. Though very common and considered scavengers, I love them. We have more in our back yard now that we have dogs--I think the birds like the dog food.

Suecae Sounds said...

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. They are very common this part of Sweden too. But I like them. The other day when I came home a couple of them made some noise because I came to close to their still not airborne child. They are very protective of their little ones.

Skjór is Icelandic for magpie by the way. The title of the post was not meant to be self-descriptory. :)