Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tokyo Dawn is back

The legendary free content german label Tokyo Dawn Records are back. And because we have been such nice children they have thrown in a special treat for us. The 2003 LP Practice avoiding mistakes is now available as a free download. The album is oozing with the laid back quality of trippy Hip Hop beats. Personal favorites are the chilly track from The Groove Guerrillas That day and the Krii remix treatment of the classic Pimp Knowledgy.

There's also Opossum sporting Too Late featuering the sweet vocals of Missamadina. Anthony Baggette treats us to two tracks, most notewortly being Summer in the hood; this feels like the season this album is made for. Carefree warm days out in the open. But until the day that summer comes, why not invoke the spirit of the season with these 20 tracks?


roentarre said...

Cool, I am not so sure where to get this album?

Anywhere I could purchase this?

Suecae Sounds said...

There's a link on Phlow magazine: http://phlow-magazine.com/mp3-music-download/hiphop/1111-practice-avoiding-mistakes-tokyo-dawn . Just look under MP3 Soul Music Download, to click on Various - "Practice Avoiding Mistakes". The album is a free re-release so I don't think you can buy it anywhere. Reading http://www.tokyodawn.net/ it seems that all you can buy for now is merchandise, buy they got two records that will be released soon. So we just have to stay tuned. :)

roentarre said...

This sounds good. I will go to the address after getting home from work :)

Thanks for the answer!

Fabien | Tokyo Dawn Records said...

It's also available here: http://blog.tokyodawn.net/practice-avoiding-mistakes/


Suecae Sounds said...

I haden't seen that blog before Fabien. Thanks for stopping by and linking it! :)