Sunday, February 01, 2009

Feel the Phlow

I love to find out new music. I love to share music with people I appreciate. Recently I found out Phlow magazine which keeps it's eye out on the ever growing net-label scene. So I thought: why not pass it on to the people who may stumble across this blog? Phlow is quite eclectic in it's choices and recommendations and seem to be all over the place stylistically. This gives them an edge. The most important thing is that they are good.

They also have a raffle fo the artist He Can Jog's CD Middlemarch. An album that I hope to win. Behind He Can Jog is Eric Schoster and produces something called fractal Folk. Never heard that one before; which makes this all the more exiting.

Another mp3 and music related blog I would like to recomend is Aurgasm. They explain their mission with the following words: "We scout out music you've never heard and deliver only the finest. Expect music curiously different, yet simply enjoyable". I found out about the two lovely artists Cour de Pirate (curious and fragile french pop) and Lily Frost (swing-jazz) trough Aurgasm; something that I am grateful for.

Last but definetly not least comes the mp3-blog Palmsout Sounds. They have dedicated much focus lately on electronic dance music of all kinds and flavours. Sometimes Hip Hop. Often they host tracks by various artists and DJ mixes that you get to download for free. They recently ran into some minor trouble due to copyright issues because they publish bootleg remixes, but I have the feeling that they will come out swinging!

There are of course more to mention. But these will do for now.

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