Monday, December 01, 2008

Soundtrack for (Winter)

Music can be, as I've written before in this blog; be a potential vehicle for something extraordinary. But it can also be a good companion when you are taking a walk outdoors. I am currently waiting for the snow to return to Sweden. And when it does, I have the perfect soundtrack for long outdoor walks:

Bad Loop

Bad Loop is a finnish electronica composer who according to a short bio at netlabel Kavhi gets inspiration from his "sleep deprevation". I started to listen to Bad Loop a couple of years ago. Namely his EP Lumme. I rediscovered it last month when I went outdoors to embrace the first snow by taking a long walk to meet up with a friend of mine. And the music is still every bit as magical and otherwordly as the first time I heard it.

Front cover for Bad Loops EP Luo.
Out on One Netlabel

When I let Lumme fill my torn headphones, I come to think about how beautiful nature really is when snow covers the streets and trees of Karlstad. I notice things about my surrounding I usually don't see and wonder at the sight of my own breath. You come to a point where your surrounding is not simply something you pass by anymore; but something that you experience as you move along.

Now there is no snow covering the streets; as we enter the month of December. But when the streets eventually will be colored white once again - I will prepare my mp3-player to play a one hour live mix of Bad Loop together with Rescue recorded at the Sundance music festival in Tallinn from 2005.

I suggest you do, too... :)

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Daniel said...

He does it with snow, this Bad loop.