Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Book of Job in Music

I am not a metalhead or a follower of digital hardcore. Still I would like to mention the forthcoming EP of IYOV named Krossa Mig, a collaborative effort of producer Martin Rönnlund, with the guitarist Robin Andersson.

In it's essence this can be seen as the lovechild of heavy electronics and black metal. It does not emphasise theatrics but is no less a dark four track offering. Maybe somewhat akin to aspects of what 16th century roman catholic Saint John of the Cross called the 'dark night of the soul'. Since the name of the project of Rönnlund and Andersson (IYOV) is a reference to the poetic old testament text Book of Job, which attempts to describe the problem of suffering; I think I'm not totally in the wrong on this one.

You can listen to IYOV here, on Myspace.

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