Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've been listening to a lot of different music lately. Lot's of different styles.Everything from roots disco to the rejuvenation of speed garage under the new name bassline house has been pumping in my headphones.

Last years LP called Untrue by UK artist Burial has been a favorite of mine. I recently stumbled upon this interview with him. He seems like a stand up humble guy, someone you'd like to hang out with and discuss music as well as life. His tunes are songs to get lost in. Where time seems like a loose definition that doesn't really apply when being immersed in his universe.

"I want to learn one day how to make tunes properly , but I wanted to do a tribute to my rubbish, dying computer. It starts smoking sometimes and the screen flickers like a strobelight, it mashes your eyes. The tunes are made where they're made, somewhere in my building, the roof or wherever, but not in some airtight studio."
- Burial in the Hyperdub interview.

Here is his myspace . Checkidout.

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