Sunday, March 16, 2008

Step by Step

My savings have finally yielded results. In less then two weeks this march I have purchased both a digital mixer for DJ-purposes. In this case a Numark Total Control with a external USB-Sound Card. A DJ I/O. And as by a stroke of luck I found a newly serviced HP Pavilion dv6501eo with a heavy discount.

The Hewlett Packard is a dual core platform with two AMD Athlon processors on 1.7 ghz clock. It has 120 gigabyte of hdd and one gig of ddr 2 ram (soon to be updated to two gig). It came shipped with the resource demanding OS Windows Vista Premium. The pro is that it was less expensive then the most inexpensive celeron-platform. Anyway: This will be used together with the Numark and the DJ I/O for live purposes. Maybe even as soon as the First of May.

Photos of my new equipment will be published soon via this blog :)

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