Sunday, March 23, 2008

Past, present and Future

One of my few rhymes, a work in progress:

The future is coloured by our past mistakes,
While our past casts shadows on the present days,
We try to run away from our hell at last,
Gotta mash these problems with a passion

The colours of potential is the source of life,
While the shadow is behind you as a doubt of light,
Hell is the state where you'll enter fast,
Unless you use your heart and turn around

The clock is beating, all you get is stress,
Your focus is fucked up in all this mess,
How to create someting out of nothing,
Gotta step up, it's time to confess

1 comment:

miriam said...

jag får alltid en sådan panik-känsla när det antyds att ens misstag man har gjort spelar roll för framtiden.
det är så skönt när alla dricker milkshake och säger att imorgon är en ny dag med nya möjligaheter.

det jag tänkte säga var i alla fall att det var fint.