Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bragging Rights

Warning: Nerdy information ahead.

I finally took the jump and started to rebuild my computer system. First I only intended to change the processor. Then I ended up having to change the motherboard since my new sockel A AMD processor would not work with my old motherboard. Now I realise I should really get more DDR Ram for it. (I now have roughly 650 meg mounted). Some would say it's laughable by todays standards, but it has worked for me this far.

The heart of the system

So, instead of my old AMD Duron 1300 mhz, I now sport a 2200 + AMD Athlon XP. Still not new by any standard, but what the heck. It is new for me and I built it myself. I have even managed to clock the processor slightly for even more performance. What this means practically is that I now will be able to muster trough music-tracks that earlier would make my computer cry... With more RAM it will go even better. :) This is good news for me.

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