Saturday, October 06, 2007


If I owned a Xbox 360, the first game I would play with sheer bliss would be Bioshock. A unorthodox first person shooter at first glance, this carries a philosophical and intruiging storyline wich is uncommon for games. Like the best parts of the Silent Hill series, Bioshock has an agenda and a level of debth. For those familiar with political ideologies and the american climate, some may have come across neo-liberal hardliners called objectivists or randians.

They are an interesting bunch believing in the individual and innovator as the driving force in history, in the context of society the individual fights for his/her ideas or becomes the dull and washed out mainstream. An elitist outlook echoing other far right ideologies. The line "always the individual, never the collective" could sum up the entire thinking of Ayn Rand. What Bioshock does is that it takes the idea of a city built around Objectivist ideas, and let's disaster strike. You unravel the city while being immersed in Art Deco and Objectivist propaganda. The city of Bioshock could in other words be looked on as the Dystopia of Rand's Utopia and fiction Atlas Shrugged.

Play it. And appriciate the level of thought gone into this game.

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