Thursday, July 05, 2007

Many things going on

So many things going on. So many things that make me feel stressed. First it's the job. A job I like more and more. Then there's Arvikafestivalen in next week, where I will work as a safety guy and build fences. For that thing I need to go and buy a small tent over at the local supermarket. And other stuff I probably have forgot.

There's a big if here. If I have the energy. Otherwise I will stay in Karlstad. Then there's a get-together with the family in the weekend in premature celebration of me turning 25. In the same day Daniel Naeil will come over to lay bass on my latest track.

Everything just turns into a minor chaos in my head. Where should I start, where should I begin? The tempo of life is speeding up and I wonder if I should pull the brake somewhat. I don't want to end up feeling that I am loosing control over my life, again.

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