Friday, June 08, 2007

Rough friday

Rough day today. Yesterday I upped my anti-depressants with 10 mg and had a major panic attack. Other effects were emotional numbness and trouble focusing on anything at all. Probably a side effect of my body responding to the drugs. I ended up not being able to sleep at night hardly at all. So friday could have started in a more positive way. :/

However. Today is also the day when The EP in all it's totality has been sent to Mephtik. It will be called Stepping up while looking back. I think the title captures the contrast of how the past effects me, while trying to shape a future. That is something that I have accompliched.

Last but not least, Todd Edwards, I send you a small thank you for writing music thats filled with both hope despite pain. I'm a doubting person, but I want to reach out. So I thank God that I have been given a life, and been given the opportunity to live. Somehow, I will find a way out of this darkness. And I hope that there will be hands there reaching out to me as I may stumble and fall.

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