Monday, June 25, 2007

One year

The manifestation I wrote about in the last entry resulted in getting publiched on yelah again. The weekend aside from friday was not good though... Rough. I needed something else then this to just keep my mind from things.

One year ago a girl came into my life that was the first person for real to really make me feel in a way that I did not feel before. One year. But I should have known that I could not escape the feelings this weekend. That you just try to push the emotions and sadness on the future for a day or two. So I guess the time is now when I let myself relax that the feelings enter my mind again. There is no real escape from yourself.

"Funny, how precious memories linger on.
So long after you've been gone.
Precious memories, will only make me cry.
But I keep on.
But love, love, love make me do these things."
Martha and the Vandals - love (makes me do foolish things)

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