Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music and life

The EP is finiched now. The tracklist is finiched and the mastering is ok. Earlier I wrote on this blog that the release was going to be for the yet-to be started netlabel Mephtik. Although they have to listen to the material, it seems that I have done what I can. Now I just need to give them the waves and then wait for their reaction. And then you and I will have to wait some more since I was planned in for their fourth release.

It actually feels good that the music itself is finiched. Even though it will take some time before it's out. But that does not mean that I can't continue with more musical projects.

Personally I have had three days of lessened activity and quietness. I should have worked but I felt that I had to slow down. The heartache is there, and I still feel very sad over everything that relates to J. I miss her. And I feel like I am keeping the lid on for people to not see how deep the sadness goes. There, I said (or wrote) it.

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