Friday, February 02, 2007

Straight trough the heart

"I want to stay beside you,

And here I will remain.

Your love protects and guides me,

And helps me through the pain."
Odyssey - Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards may be the only openly christian DJ that I return to, over and over again. With his totally original garage-house, coupled with his often faith-related lyrics, he manages to create something completely out of this world. It goes straight trough the heart of me.

"And your love within me burns like a fire."
Like a fire - Todd Edwards

And he seems to have released a new album via I! Records. The song Odyssey has helped me before, and this album would be one of the albums that I would buy for the reason to support the artist.

Other albums that I want to get (for the moment being):
Bennasi Bros - Phobia
Anthony and the Johnssons - I am the bird now
Koop -
Koop Islands
Epoq - Scintilla

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