Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Love rules supreme

There are so many reasons why hard-hitting house musician Benny Benassi creates such a lovely vibe in me. Maybe it's the straightforwardness of what some may call unintelligent dance music. Maybe it's the lyrics about love and letting go of the shit of everyday life. But what is most important is the intensity and emotional release I feel when I listen to his music.

Even if you do not like his now oldish Satisfaction video, which was even more provocative then the porno hip hop of that day, his music is so much bigger then that. I mean, what the fuck, why not show some integrity and let go of selling on sex (with porn-refrences that is). The music is so brilliant that it would have attracted a following without the xxx.

When a girl sings "everything is going to get better", or "I wanna scream unto the world today. Turn me up, turn me down", over and over again, I feel IT. Period. With or without the sometimes explicit videos, this is music that has the intensity to move me.

"My love is not your toy."
Hit My Heart - Benny Benassi

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