Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Camera nerdery

On a completely different subject than the usual all together. I've recently recovered my interest in photography. As a somewhat proud owner of a Canon S2 IS Powershot I've been using it to try to become braver in my surrounding. Not everyone likes a camera in their face! Not longer then a month ago I regained it in a serious mishap where I forgot the camera in a café. The police had found it to my relief. In a similar manner my older Canon A75 powershot was found by my step-dad when he cleaned out his- soon to be gone - apartment. My way of forgetting things is not good for me, please spare me the jokes folks! ;)

So now I own two cameras. And I hunt for a digital SLR or serious rangefinder aswell. Leering to the Pentax camp and it's K100D or K10D with it's built in shake reduction (for better handling in low-light photography) and nice prime lenses. Then there´s the Sigma compacts with really nice lenses and the Ricohs and Panasonic's - witch by the way now cooperates with the renowned Leica (!). All this camera-nerdery may be tiring to my friends, and I've come to realise that I like the gadgetry almost as much as the actual photography.
But I'm quite broke, so I dream... I sometimes work as a freelance journalist, maybe that could be my excuse for dreaming. Oh yes, that must be it. =)

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