Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spread those wings

Dreams of flying are quite common. Maybe it has to do with the human condition, a desire to leave the burdens of everyday life behind. My latest track is a techno offering called Spread those wings. It is not exactly light hearted. But I do hope that my music may lend you some wings in those short 3.11 minutes. Maybe there will be a longer version released. My own little dream of a more proper release finally seem sort-of possible.

Remember: you are not alone in this world,
Hugs from Suecae!
Suecae Sounds - Spread those wings

p.s I have at least one new finiched track sitting on my hd. It goes in the same style as spread those wings. So more releases are to come. Plus, a lot of my old tracks may find their way here. It is a mixed bag of drum and bass, electro, as well as ambient and trip hop stuff.

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